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European Academic Software Award 1996

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The 2nd European Academic Software Award 1995/96 is coordinated by ASI/University of Klagenfurt. The deadline for submissions was 05. November 1995. Please click here for a list of all submitted software. The finals will take place in Klagenfurt from 30 May to June 1, 1996. The authors of the best programmes will be invited to this event to present their software to the jurors and to the public who will choose the award winners.

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The EASA Consortium

European Academic Software Award: stimulating the development of high quality software

The European Academic Software Award (EASA) has been created to stimulate the development of high quality software for education and research. Software is generally recongnised to be a key factor which the European market will need to exploit to remain competitive. Universities and colleges must therefore seek to develop appropriate software and use it with students in all disciplines and at all levels of study.

The European Academic Software Award gives academic recognition to software authors

The European Academic Software Award programme is a forum for European software authors to gain academic recognition for their efforts. The EASA programme offers academic software authors the unique opportunity to enter their programs into a broad competition that acknowledges software as a valid contribution to education and research.

Each entry will be judged on the basis of its general applicability in its subject area, the level of innovation, educatinal content and usability. All software must run in English, but should also support a second European language or be designed to facilitate translation (multilinual design).