Wiss. Mitarb. Mag. Dr. Thomas Fenzl

Angewandte Psychologie und Methodenforschung

Email: thomas.fenzl [@] aau.at
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My research interest lie within Methods of empirical social research, in particular techniques of category-driven qualitatively orientated text analysis Textanalyse (qualitative-content-analysis.aau.at) as well as designs and approaches for the combination and integration of qualitative and quantitative research methods (Mixed Methods). The primary focus within the context of evaluation research at the Center for Evaluation and Research Consulting (ZEF) is to apply and advance Mixed Methods approaches with reference to a variety of areas of practice within Health Psychology and Educational Psychology. Other research focuses include several areas of Applied Psychology, in particular Economic Psychology, which aim at the investigation of the human factor in Security Systems, of individual behavior and collective dynamics.

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