D a s   I n s t i t u t

Abteilung für Gesundheitspsychologie

Leitung: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heather Foran (i-2.28/1641)
MitarbeiterInnen: Iris Fraude, BSc
Laura Restle, BSc
Sekretariat: Iris Krische (i-2.50/1642)
Jessica Drug, B.A., MA (drzt. in Karenz)

Family and Health Lab

Our main research interest is in understanding causal links between family psychopathology and health, including mental and physical health. We take a public health approach to our work and are very interested in evaluation and dissemination of interventions targeting family risk factors (e.g., dysfunctional parenting, intimate partner violence, and intimate relationship discord) as a way to improve mental and physical health outcomes in families and reduce health care costs. In addition, we are interested in bridging the gap between family and health psychology by testing biopsychosocial models of inflammatory diseases and depression with an emphasis on understanding the role of interpersonal dysfunction in disease progression. We are also interested in models of integrated health care and improving detection of and referral for family problems across health care settings (e.g., primary care, pediatric settings).