Travelling to Klagenfurt by Train

General information

Klagenfurt is easily reachable by train from many places in Europe. Below you can find some indications on the length of the train ride from some Austrian and German cities to Klagenfurt.

For more specific information, please consult the time tables of the Austrian/German/..... railways (links are given below). Note that the Summer schedule which will be valid in September is not yet available. (Usually, there are small differences between the Winter and Summer schedule.)

From Germany

From many places in Germany Klagenfurt is reachable by day trains (mostly via Munich-Salzburg). There is a train from Munich to Klagenfurt (via Salzburg) about every other hour. Most of the trains take about 5 hours.

There are also convenient night trains. (For example, the direct night train D1199 Friday night from Hamburg-Altona via Hannover and Göttingen to Klagenfurt. Another rather convenient night train is the city night line train from Dortmund to Salzburg via Düsseldorf, Kön, Mainz and Frankfurt).

From Vienna

There are regular train connections from Vienna starting at the South station (Südbahnhof). There is train about every hour and a direct train about every other hour. The direct trains take about 4:10 hours. The first train leaves Vienna at 6:58 and the last one at 19:29 or at 20:05 (depending on the day of the week).

From Salzburg

There are regular train connections from Salzburg about every other hour. The first train leaves Salzburg at 7:13 and the last at 21:13. (There exist earlier and later connections via Villach where a bus has to be used from Villach to Klagenfurt.) The direct train ride from Salzburg to Klagenfurt takes around 3:10 hours.

From Graz

The train ride from Graz to Klagenfurt (via Bruck/Mur) takes between 2:47 and 3:22 hours time (depending on the type of train). There is a "fast" train about every two hours.

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